Egerton Alumni Association Renovates the University Swimming Pool

The Egerton University swimming pool located at the Njoro Campus is set for reopening after getting a facelift by the Egerton University Alumni Association at a cost of about 150,000 Kenya Shillings.

The University community will soon be able to use the half-Olympic size swimming pool with sky-blue clear water again. The standard-sized swimming pool is 25ft by 17ft long and its shallow end is 3.5 ft while the deep end is 13.2 ft deep.alumni 1 min

The construction of the pool was majorly supported by the Egerton College Endowment Fund following a late 1968 approval by the College Management and the trustees of the fund. In addition donations from staff and students as well as students labour were some of the initiatives that supported the construction of the pool, among others. At some point, students organised a fundraising whose proceeds also went to the pool construction. However, the actual construction did not start until 1974. The pool was officially opened to students and staff on 30th June 1979.

The pool is strategically located adjacent to the Agricultural Resource Center (ARC) Hotel and the iconic Utafiti Hall- a research center for scholars. It offers a perfect place to unwind by visiting researchers and guests booked at the four-star hotel within the University.

According to Mr John Kabue, the pool manager and lifeguard, the pool had ceased operations due to some mechanical hitches. This made the facility to remain unused for about 4 years. According to Dr. Hillary Chakava, the Alumni Association identified this as a project they could help renovate following a request by the students through their leaders. “This issue is now being sorted and is at its peak of completion,” said Dr Chakava. He stated that the Egerton University Students Association (EUSA), through the former Chairman Mr. Dennis Odero, made the request during the Egerton University Alumni Association (EUSA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) in November 2023.

“The Association has been keen to support students’ activities, especially those that make the lives of students comfortable and create a conducive learning environment,” said Dr. Chakava.

In a one-on-one interview during our visit to the site, Mr. Kabue stated that the pool has been of great assistance not only to the students but also to the University staff and the public at large.

“This pool has been of great impact on the students of Egerton University, the staff, and the public. At times we would receive patients who were referred by doctors for swimming sessions to help in their medication process, especially those with cardiovascular disorder or those who needed physical therapy,” he explained.

The pool will be officially commissioned on 26th May 2023 by the EUAA officials and the University Management Board. Going forward, the Association will partner with the University in maintenance of the pool.

By Ian Martin

Directorate of Marketing and Resource Mobilization

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